Monday, May 29, 2017


Today we honor those men and women that currently protect our freedom.  Those who have fallen protecting our freedom.  Those who have served to protect our freedom.  We will put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation.  One where you will question, "Why are we doing this?"  It is then that you need to think about the person next to you.  Inspire them with your effort.  Inspire them with your desire to help the team by helping themselves.  Push through the mental "I can't" hurdle in your life, and be your best you.  Please take the time and watch this speech by Admiral McRaven.  Remember, "Don't ever ring the bell."

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always.. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017


SEAL Sunday # 224.. To find out what today's workout entails, you must show up to participate. Each Sunday will be SEAL Sunday. The workouts are actual Navy SEAL "evolutions". I encourage all who are interested in to check out or to find out more. Or you can follow these groups: @SEALFIT or @SEALStrongFit on twitter.  If you are ever down.. If you are out.. If you don't think you can go on anymore.  Take the time and watch Admiral William H. McRaven's speech.  Get ready to change the world..

Cool down, have a nice day... El Rey always...

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit a training session from one of my mentors Ken Blackburn.

"Here is a challenging, straight forward and applicable circuit I put together for my MMA, BJJ and Kettlebell Sport folks.
Sprawl + Deadlift - 10 reps
Bulgarian Bag Spins - 10 reps (5 per side) 
*Complete for a continuous 5 min set. Rest 1-2 min and repeat for 2-3 sets.
Mitch demonstrates the above with 2 x 32kg kettlebells and a 50lb Bulgarian Bag. 
Involves multiple movement patterns at a high heart rate while simultaneously targeting shoulder/thoracic mobility."

Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always.. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to have a bit of fun training.  Everyone enjoys the grab bag circuit.  Its very simple put 10-20 different exercises down on paper, and throw them into a bag.  Pick out 5-10 and you have your circuit.  You can do it for reps or for time.  Make sure that you are equitable between your strengths and weaknesses.  Always put several movements in there that you struggle with mentally and physically. So for sure there will be OH squats in mine... Have some fun and have a great training session.

Cool down, have a nice day... El Rey always.. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility dynamic movement, and foam roller... Today we are going to hit a workout my friend showed me in Muscle and Fitness.  It is based on a crossfit wod.  It combines three power movements : dead lift, clean, and push press.  The FIST variation will be done with kettlebells in lieu of the barbell version in the magazine.  It looks like a brutal test.. Here is the link to the article It should be fun.  I also added a kick in the butt at the end with the thrusters.  Once you begin the round, the bells can't leave your hands.

5 rounds

12 See Saw Row
9 Double Kettlebell Cleans
6 Double Push Press
3 Thrusters

100M run
Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always.. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Happy Birthday to our CEO Susie!! 47 Birthday Burpees!! She is the person behind the scenes that makes everything go.. The boys and I would be lost without her.  We are supremely blessed.

Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.

47 Burpees

5 rounds

10 tuck jumps
20 Push ups 
30 Hip lifts 15L/15R
40 Air Squats
50 Flutter Kicks

Cool down, have a nice day...  El Rey always.