Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to have a bit of fun training.  Everyone enjoys the grab bag circuit.  Its very simple put 10-20 different exercises down on paper, and throw them into a bag.  Pick out 5-10 and you have your circuit.  You can do it for reps or for time.  Make sure that you are equitable between your strengths and weaknesses.  Always put several movements in there that you struggle with mentally and physically. So for sure there will be OH squats in mine... Have some fun and have a great training session.
Cool down, have a nice day... El Rey always.. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Warm up with joint mobility, foam roller, and dynamic movement.  Today we are going to to do some high intensity circuit training (HIIT).  It will combine many of the areas that we have been working on this week during training especially hip and hamstring mobility, strength, and flexibility.  It is a 40-20 go for 5 rounds. Get warmed up and HIIT it!!!

5 rounds
40 seconds on / 20 seconds off

Airdyne or row sprint
Ukrainian dead lift
Bosu ball chest press
TRX pistol squat (alternating legs)
 2 handed swing

Cool down, have a nice day...  El Rey always..  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility and dynamic movement.  Today we will be using the deck of cards with the BB.  Pick 4 exercises and flip the card.  Face cards are 10 reps, and aces are 11.  So you should get a total of 13 rounds of the 4 exercises you pick.  This is a tremendous endurance workout.  It is also mental.  Don't let the aces get you down, there are only 4 of them.. El Diablo will be flipping.  So be prepared for his "special" deck.

13 rounds (52 in a deck your last card is how you finish)

Snap downs
Donut swings

Finish up with 4 minutes of abs.. 

Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always.. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Warm up with joint mobility, foam roller, and dynamic movement.  Today we are going to change it up a bit and use the clubbells.  They are a great tool, and we haven't busted them out in a while.  Great grip developer as well as another way to stimulate your muscles.

5 rounds
2-3 minute rest in between rounds

20 thrusters
20 pullovers
20 halos (10 R/10L)
20 front swing
20 club crunch

If you don't have access to clubbells, you can do these exercises with a kettlebell, barbell plate, or a dumbbell.

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always.. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017


SEAL Sunday # 248.. To find out what today's workout entails, you must show up to participate. Each Sunday will be SEAL Sunday. The workouts are actual Navy SEAL "evolutions". I encourage all who are interested in to check out or to find out more. Or you can follow these groups: @SEALFIT or @SEALStrongFit on twitter.  If you are ever down.. If you are out.. If you don't think you can go on anymore.  Take the time and watch Admiral William H. McRaven's speech.  Get ready to change the world..

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always..

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit a kettlebell circuit.  5 reps and 5 different movements all as a part of one set.  This will mix together strength, conditioning and endurance.  As always, focus on quality reps, NOT speed.  Slow is fast and fast is slow... ;-).. Try to get through it with as little rest as possible.

10 Rounds

(Short reps maybe try a challenging weight)

5 Swing
5 Sumo Squat / Upright Row
5 Jerk L
5 Goblet Squat
5 Jerk R

Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always..