Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to be focusing on the kettlebell swing and hi-pull, and incorporating them into a 1 round training session.  We will use body weight movements to accompany each swing set.  Should be a great strength and conditioning circuit. Make sure that you use a moderate weight.  Lots of posterior chain work here today..

50 swings
50 chest to bar
50 hi-pulls 25L/25R
50 push-ups
50 swings
50 tuck jumps
50 hi-pulls 25L/25R
50 rope waves
50 swings
50 back extensions
50 hi-pulls 25L/25R
50 dips
50 swings
50 sit-ups

Cool down, have a nice day......  El Rey always.. 

Monday, May 2, 2016


Warm up with joint mobility and dynamic movement.  All body weight today simple but effective.  Need to start the week off after very tough week on the body last week.  This a great training session, and one of those sneaky hard ones.  Get after it..

20 jumping jacks
20 push ups
20 flutter kicks
20 jump squats
20 sit outs

5 rounds no rest..

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always.. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016


SEAL Sunday # 174.. To find out what today's workout entails, you must show up to participate. Each Sunday will be SEAL Sunday. The workouts are actual Navy SEAL "evolutions". I encourage all who are interested in to check out http://www.thesealquest.com/The_SEAL_Quest/Welcome.html or http://www.sealfit.com/ to find out more. Or you can follow these groups: @SEALFIT or @SEALStrongFit on twitter.  If you are ever down.. If you are out.. If you don't think you can go on anymore.  Take the time and watch Admiral William H. McRaven's speech.  Get ready to change the world.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxBQLFLei70
Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always.. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit our flexibility skills (Back bridges and splits) as well as a quick chipper into and EMOTM training session.  We are going to continue to incorporate flexibility skills into our training as they are essential for developing body control, strength, flexibility, and most important avoiding injury.  So keep practicing.

Round 1

50 swings
40 push-ups
30 sumo squats
20 Russian twists
10 squat thrusts

Round 2

15 minutes

4 snatch L
4 snatch R
20 body weight jump squats
Cool down, have a nice day... El Rey always.. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit the BBB.  Simple and effective workout by 2 time Olympian Jim Gruenwald.  It's called the Gruenwald 1000.  Check it out on www.suples.com .  It is 10 exercises in a 40-30-20-10 format.  Take rest as needed in between sets.  It is a brutal mental as well as physical test.

Jim Gruenwald's 1000 Rep Work Out

4 sets of 10 exercises with reps in order 10, 40, 30, and 20. The first set of 10 exercises done 10 times each as a warm up. After each set is done I normally take a 1-3 min break to get water. There is no stopping until the 10th exercise of each set is done.

The 10 exercises are:
1) Spins (reps are split to half each direction)
2) Snap downs
3) Good mornings (bag on shoulders)
4) Body Twist (bag on shoulders)
5) Squat jumps (bag on shoulders)
6) Military Press (long handles) (Can substitute push press with short handles)
7) Hammer Curl (Can substitute regular curls)
8) High Pulls
9) Sit ups
10) Push ups
Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Warmup with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit a body weight workout.  Several rounds of running, pushing and pulling.  Sometimes, these are the most challenging.  Always focus on form rather than speed.  If you have to rest, take it.. Crappy reps = crappy results..

5 rounds

Run 500m  
50 squats
50 push ups
50 flutter kicks
50 dips

Then run 400m and 40 reps of each exercise, 300m and 30 reps, 200m and 20 reps, and finally 100m and 10 reps.
Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always..