Thursday, January 29, 2015


Warm up with joint mobility, foam roller, and dynamic movement.  Today we are going to several timed periods, BUT first more birthday burpees for Kyle and Brady Klinsky!!  Each period will contain different workouts.  We are throwing the kitchen sink at you a bit..We will incorporate kettlebells, body weight, and the BBB.  Each period will contain 3 exercises done until the period time elapses.  This is a great way to hit the whole body in an efficient way.

Each period = 4 minutes

Period 1
10 swings R
10 swings L
20 crunch

Period 2
10 BBB spins
10 BBB good mornings
10 BBB snap downs

Period 3
10 jerks R
10 jerks L
20 crunch

Period 4
10 push ups
10 plank up downs
50 flutter kicks

Period 5
10 BBB hammer curls
5 BBB burpees
10 lunges L
10 lunges R

Cool down, have a nice day!! El Rey always..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Warm up with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to sling some steel.  Olympic lifts.  So make sure that you are good an warmed up for the onslaught.  Power and explosion.  Short reps and short rest.  You can perform all of these movements with dumbbells or kettlebells if you don't have access to barbells.  Just double them up or you can use singles if you have to as well.

5 sets of 5 reps each

hex bar dead lifts
barbell power clean
barbell jerks
floor wipers

5 sets of 60 seconds Jump Rope

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Warm up with joint mobility, dynamic movement and foam roller.  Body weight pyramids today.  1-10 reps and then back down 10-1.  Very lo-tech but extremely challenging.  These types of workouts you can do anywhere, so there is no excuse.  Get after it and have fun.

Go through each exercise 1 rep up to 10 reps then 10 reps down to 1 rep.   Rest for a few, then repeat

push ups
jump squats
jump pull ups
back extensions
ab wheel (no ab wheel? Do walk outs instead)

Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always..

Monday, January 26, 2015


Warm up with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today, (by suggestion from IL), we are going to hit a slow controlled series of movements that hits the whole body.  Turkish get ups.  We're going to keep it super simple.  Just set the timer and go. One suggestion, try and do multiple reps with the same arm.  This will help stability, strength, stamina and mobility in the shoulders.

Your call on time.. 10-15-20 minutes.. Its up to you..
Use an appropriate weight for multiple reps for an extended period of time.

Cool down, have a nice day..  El Rey always..

Sunday, January 25, 2015


SEAL Sunday # 116... To find out what today's workout entails, you must show up to participate. Each Sunday will be SEAL Sunday. The workouts are actual Navy SEAL "evolutions". I encourage all who are interested in to check out or to find out more. Or you can follow these groups: @SEALFIT or @SEALStrongFit on twitter.  If you are ever down.. If you are out.. If you don't think you can go on anymore.  Take the time and watch Admiral William H. McRaven's speech.  Get ready to change the world..

Cool down, have a nice day.. El Rey always...

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Warm up with joint mobility, dynamic movement, and foam roller.  Today we are going to hit a 5 exercise circuit that will test your muscle and cardio endurance.  You can perform this training session with body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, or a 45 pound bar.  This will be a full body session.  Remember focus on quality reps.. You are going to be fatigued by the end.

5 rounds

20 push ups or chest press
20 chest to bar or bent over row
20 shoulder press or jump pull ups
20 squats
20 good mornings

Finish up with 5-6 minutes or ab and lower back work.

Cool down, have a nice day... El Rey always..

Friday, January 23, 2015