Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today is going to be a kitchen sink circuit day.  We are going to be using ropes, airdyne bike, kettlebells, tires, sledge, and anything else I can think of.. Use any interval you like, but I find quick intervals with short rest keeps it moving and fun. So today will be 30 seconds of work, and 10 seconds of rest.

Round 1 30/10 20 sets = 4 rounds through each exercise
Rope waves
2 handed swing
double thruster
back extension
ab wheel

Round 2
Airdyne sprint (If you don't have a stationary bike, do high knees or mountain climbers instead)
double clean
box jump
sledge smash
ring/trx or bar rows

Round 3
Rope corkscrews
double snatch
tire flip
bosu iron cross crunch

Cool down, have a nice day..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Good morning/afternoon/night.. Warm up with joint mobility and calisthenics.. For those who are wondering what "joint mobility" is, I posted a video on the F.I.S.T. face book home page.  It is video of my teacher Steve Cotter performing and explain the importance of joint mobility.  Ok.. now on to the fun. 

Track workout today.. If you don't have access to a track, use mailboxes in your neighborhood, if they are too far away then guesstimate distances the best you can.

200m run/walk 100m
400m/walk 100m
800m/walk 100m
1600m/walk 100m

10yd, 20yd, 30yd, 40yd, 50yd bear crawl. walk back to original starting place after each set.
Cool down, have a nice day..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today make sure you have a good warm up, I know I am a little sore after yesterday. We are going to do a single arm kettlebell strength circuit today. Short reps and heavy weight.  You will need to rest a bit more in between sets, but that is okay.
5 sets of 5 reps of each exercise per arm:
Ukrainian Dead Lift (simply stand on two boxes with your bell in the middle and proceed like a normal one arm dead lift.  This movement increases your range of motion and is a great assistance exercise for LC C& J)
Front Squat
Hi pulls
Finish each set with a 200m run
Rest for a few and then get after it again.
Cool down, and have a nice day..

Monday, June 27, 2011


Today, as always, begin with a good warm up of joint mobility and simple calisthenics.  Once you feel like your joints are greased, get into it..

Max Body weight day : perform all of these exercises until you basically are spent. Take a break and move on to the next one. I know some of the exercises over lap, so mental fortitude will be necessary.  Keep your count, and make sure you do burpees LAST!! Cool down, have a nice day..

max push ups
max pull ups
max body weight squats
max body weight row 
max burpees
Optional: 1 mile run

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Beautiful morning for ladders...
Each set goes 2-4-6-8.  So you run through each exercise 2 reps, then 4 reps, and so on until you reach 8.
Set 1
Body weight
jumping jacks
push ups
squat thrust
cossack squat

Set 2
2 handed swings
double cleans
double jerks
double snatch
2 handed swing

Set 3
kettlebell/body weight combo
chin ups
SCDL (suitcase dead lift)
back/ham raise
kettlebell lunge

Time each full set. Remember you go from 2-8 without resting.  Take a minute or 2 in between sets, but this is a high endurance circuit.  Don't forget to cool down, and have a nice day.. M

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today's workout was a great mix of ropes, kettlebells, airdyne bike, and trx exercises. First we started out with some joint mobility and basic calisthenics.  When then proceeded to hit it hard.
Set 1
12 sets of 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off
Double rope waves
Airdyne sprint
2 handed swing
TRX knee tucks

Set 2
12 sets of 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off
Rope Circles
Double bent over row
Airdyne sprint
TRX twists

Set 3
12 sets of 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off
Alternating waves
Double clean
Airdyne sprint
TRX mountain climber