Thursday, August 4, 2011


Doubles day.. Short reps, lots of sets.. So warm up with joint mobility and dynamic movement.  Spend about 5-10 minutes working on balance and flexibility in your warm up.  Then get into it.. Today is more a strength workout so we are focusing on powerful movements i.e. cleans, barbell cleans, dead lifts, snatches, squats and jerks.

Double front squat
Double clean
Push up
Barbell snatch or moderate double kettlebell snatch
Barbell lunge

If you are in a group, partner up and use down time as rest.. As reps get shorter, so does rest.  Do not move on to the next movement until you have completed the whole cycle of reps (10-2) for the one you are working on.
Finish up with 3-5 rope climbs
Cool down, have a nice day..

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